About WYAA:
The WYAA is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to serving the youth of Westland and the surrounding areas. WYAA is one of the oldest and largest non-profit organizations in the area and has been operating continuously since 1958. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and as such any donations of goods and services from businesses in the community, or individuals, are tax deductible. We welcome such sponsor donations and use them to help us provide the best programs we can for the youth of the community. WYAA currently offers baseball, cheer, football, and strength training. The WYAA believes that the dedication, perseverance and life lessons instilled in today’s athletes by our sports programs, will give them the character needed to be the successful leaders of tomorrow.

WYAA Cares:
The WYAA has a duty to do more than just groom athletes. We at WYAA recognize the distinct opportunity provided to us by working with the youth of the community. Our sports programs give us the chance to be a part of people’s lives and also the opportunity to instill kindness and compassion in the children who pass through our organization. The WYAA has been blessed with the support of the community since 1958 and believe it’s our duty and privilege to give back to the community. Through WYAA Cares, the WYAA has organized coat drives, food drives, served the needy, adopted families for Christmas and donated to other fundraisers/organizations with an outreach to those in need. The WYAA Cares initiative is very important to our organization and we look forward to continuing our service to the community. Please watch for upcoming opportunities to help those less fortunate.

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6050 N Farmington Rd
Westland, Michigan 48185

P.O. Box 85-157 Westland, MI 48185

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Executive Board & Directors

President: Sara
VP Financial: Melinda    
VP Ops: Michele
Treasurer: Monica
Secretary: Melissa
Director of Communications: Ashley
Compound: Shaun
Baseball Director: Lisa
Comets Cheer Director: Gina
Comets  Football Director: Jimmy
Meteors Cheer Director: Jasmine
Meteors Football CO – Directors: AB & Ryan