Codes of Conduct


Player’s responsibilities are simple; be respectful of others, be responsible, play fair, always do your best, and always exhibit good sportsmanship. As a Westland Youth Athletic Association participant, I hereby pledge that I will:

• Encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials, and parents.

• Be a team player and support my teammates.

• Be on time and attend every practice and game that I can and will notify my coaches if I


• Work hard to improve my skills.

• Do my best to listen and learn from my coaches.

• Encourage my parents to be involved with my team in some capacity.

• Congratulate the other team after each game as a demonstration of good


• Refrain from using violence, unfriendly language, or insults to others.

• Be generous when I win and gracious when I lose.

• Obey the rules of the game and always work for the good of the team.

• Accept the decisions of the officials with grace and never challenge or question

calls. Refrain from challenging or questioning on-field calls by officials and/or managers

and coaches.

• Conduct myself with integrity, honor and dignity.

• Applaud the efforts of my teammates and opponents.

• Substance use and/or possession thereof (drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco) is cause for

immediate dismissal from the program.

• WYAA prohibits and will not tolerate acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying

(including cyber-bullying). “Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any gesture,

any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication.

• Players run the risk of immediate suspension or permanent termination, if you are

responsible for making disparaging, threatening, offensive, retaliatory or otherwise

inappropriate comments made about the league, any board member, any

director/coach, any parent or any player on Facebook, Twitter or any other social

networking site.

I also agree that if I fail to abide by the rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action by

the WYAA Board of Directors that could include but is not limited to the following:

• Verbal warning

• Written warning

• Player suspension for games

• Player suspension for season including postseason

• Player being expelled from the league

The Westland Youth Athletic Association Board of Directors retains the sole authority to determine

what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate for any conduct infraction.


WYAA Parent Code of conduct

I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child participating in youth sports by following this Parents’ Code of Ethics Pledge.
I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice, or other youth sports event.
I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.
I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment.
I will support coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free of drugs and alcohol, and will refrain from their use at all youth sports events.
I will remember that the game is for youth-not for adults.
I will do my very best to make youth sports fun for my child.
I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans, and officials, with respect regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.
I promise to help my child enjoy the youth sports experience by doing whatever I can, such as being a respectable fan, assisting with coaching, or providing transportation.
I understand that no one is allowed within the practice area unless they are a coach, player or staff
I will not confront a coach during practice or a game. Parents or spectators are not allowed to interrupt practices or games to speak with the coaching staff. Any concerns I have should be directed to the head coach, who will inform the staff members of the concern requiring their immediate attention. All conversations with the coaching staff are to be pre-arranged & at the coaches availability before or after practice I also understand that I will refrain from any I as a Parents/guardian I/We will be responsible for making sure my child makes all practices & games unless arrangements are made in advance and will make sure my child is picked up promptly after practices or games.
I will refrain from any Verbal Threats, derogatory remarks, signage or actions, in any manner
I will remember that I am a youth sports parent, and that the game is for all children and not adults or just my child.
I will also follow the WYAA Adult Code of Conduct set below

WYAA Adult Code of Conduct

In order to uphold the goals of the Westland Youth Athletic Association (WYAA) to ensure that all participants have the benefit of a safe and fun learning environment, all parents guardians, coaches and other adults and attendees of any WYAA event, including but not limited to practices, competitions and banquets, must behave accordingly in a respectful, courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Any adult who is using alcohol, and/or tobacco products (alcohol, and/or tobacco may be permitted at WYAA fund raising events where minors are not present, operate within the legal rights of local municipalities, and event is E-Board approved), and/or non-prescription drugs and /or appears intoxicated at any WYAA event (events are WYAA titled or sanctioned activity at a specific location) and/or who is flagrantly rude, attempts to intimidate. verbally abuse, heckles, taunts, ridicules, throwing of objects and/or uses vulgarity or profane language/gestures with an official, coach, volunteer, WYAA staff member, participant or other event attendee, will be asked to leave the WYAA event. A refusal to leave will result in the adults children being removed from the event and may also include a forfeiture of that event giving the opposing team the win. Any adult who physically assaults or threatens an official, coach, volunteer, WYAA staff member, participant or any attendees will be banned from any and all WYAA programs and events up to one year from the date of the offense, and their children may also be removed from any and all WYAA programs and events. If violation of ban occurs during ban the e-board will increase the suspension as they see fit. After the ban has expired, if the individual commits another offence the individual will be permanently banned from any and all WYAA programs and events and the individuals children may also be permanently removed from any WYAA programs and events. I/We hereby understand and acknowledge that as a parent/guardian of a WYAA event or program participant it is my responsibility to comply with all rules and regulations stipulated, adopted, or recognized by WYAA or any of its member organizations, including but not limited to the Adult Code of conduct, Coaches Code of Conduct, Parent Code of conduct or Player Code of Conduct. I/we also understand by violating any WYAA Code of Conducts I/we have waved all rights of an appeal/R&E process. I/we also understand any non-compliance with any and all rules and regulation may be cause for discipline and/or dismissal of my child/the participant, myself and/or any spectators or other persons affiliated with the undersigned and the below named participant. By my signature below, I hereby stipulate that I have read, fully understand and voluntarily agree to all of the above.

Social Media Policy


This Social Media Policy applies to all Board members, executive directors, sport coordinators, sport committee members, coaches, participants, (participants are players, parents, spectators and volunteers) (“WYAA Members”). This Social Media Policy applies to all social media content posted by WYAA Members and participants in their professional and personal capacity to the extent such content is related to WYAA.


WYAA strives to create a positive and inclusive organization that is dedicated to helping young athletes reach their potential. In furtherance of this goal, WYAA aspires to engage members of the Westland Youth Athletic Association in positive, honest, transparent, and knowledgeable dialogue about WYAA through social media. WYAA views social media as an important tool for communicating its successes and opportunities for athletic and individual development. WYAA also views social media as a platform for receiving constructive feedback from the community and for discussing WYAA’s challenges and opportunities for improvement in a positive and constructive way.


All WYAA Members and participants shall abide by the following guidelines when using social media:

1. Be positive and respectful, and always take the high road. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, remain appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a situation online that is becoming antagonistic, ask the WYAA Board of Directors or your sport coordinator for advice on how to disengage from the dialogue in a polite and respectful manner that reflects well on WYAA.

2. Do not post content that would harm WYAA or damage WYAA’s reputation. Remember that even while you are on your own personal time, you are a representative of WYAA, and people may interpret your online postings or social interactions as though they were official WYAA statements.

3. Use good judgment when posting comments on any official WYAA sites. Bear in mind that your comments can create liability for WYAA. If you are unsure whether a comment is appropriate to post, either do not post it or obtain prior approval from the Board of Directors.

4. Be smart about what you publish. Once something is posted, it exists online forever. Ask yourself, “would I want to see this published in the newspaper or posted on a billboard tomorrow or ten years from now?” If the answer is “no,” do not post.

5. Encourage others to engage in positive interactions on social media. If you are concerned about any WYAA Member’s use of social media, please bring your concerns to the attention of your sport coordinator or a member of the WYAA Board of Directors.

6. Personally identifiable information (information, such as a name and date of birth and/or a street address which, when taken together, can identify a particular individual) should not be disclosed in any manner on official WYAA social networking sites without the approval of the sport coordinator or WYAA Board of Directors.

Violations of the Social Media Policy

The WYAA Executive Board of Directors shall have the authority to monitor and enforce this Social Media Policy. The WYAA Board of Directors, and any individual appointed by the Board of Directors, shall have the authority to remove any inappropriate or offensive comments from official WYAA sites and to block any individual or organization from posting on any official WYAA social media platform if they determine, in their sole discretion, that such removal or block is in the best interests of WYAA.

The failure of any WYAA Member or participant to adhere to this Social Media Policy shall be considered a violation of the WYAA Code of Conduct, and any WYAA Member or participant who fails to adhere to this Social Media Policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of such individual’s involvement in WYAA, in accordance with the WYAA Disciplinary Procedures.